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Porto - Dec 24-26 (3 days)

Lisbon - Dec 27-Jan 1 (6 days)


4. Algarve (4-6 days):

5. Coimbra (2-3 days):

Departure flights

We took an 8 hour birdwatching tour with in Portugal with a guide Antonio, who's been a forester for 25 years. He can identify a bird just by their chirps and how they fly from the distance, is disappointed when seeing a sick cork tree, and has opinions on bullfighting. He explained to us how estuary works, ways animals adapt to the human cycle, and EVOA’S conservation efforts. His favorite bird is a raptor.

Their conservation efforts include wine, olives, meat, cork, forest, conservation.

“You have to go to bathroom during a road trip right? Estuary are just birds’ gas station through their aerial highway” - on the topic of migration

There are no flamingos in the winter

Birdwatching - guide Antonio


  1. took an Azulejos tile painting class!
  2. a star tile (Tiger's) and a rocket tile (mine)
  3. Canadians are nice to each other
  4. descending down the well in Sintra
  5. Oldest bookstore in the world
  6. Most west point of Europe
  7. Sleepy dunlins and avocets from our 9-hour birdwatching tour
  8. A cork tree forest that’s debarked every 9 years
  9. Terracotta roof everywhere
  10. Ending 2023 with my hostel

Pretty red buildings

Fun stories