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Berlin, Germany 

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Christmas markets are definitely a must do for that time of the year. I'd also go have scrumptious breakfasts in the cute cafes in Prenzlauer Berg, do some thrift shopping, and see if you want to go to a club on a Friday or Saturday. Ritter Butzke is an easy one to go to and hosts some of my favorite electronic music. Other than that I'm not sure what touristy things to do that time of the year - it's just not the best weather or very light out. But I'll have a think and let you know when I come up with more ideas.


Berlin is not famous for sightseeing. It won’t take a half of day to see all around - Berlin Wall, Judith museum, and Brandenburg tour.. I recommend to go outside city. You can spend rest of day in postdam palace. https://maps.google.com?q=Sanssouci%20Palace,%20Maulbeerallee,%2014469%20Potsdam&ftid=0x47a8f42cc99c7551:0xd055a332313a0516&hl=en-DE&gl=de&entry=gps&lucs=,47071704

In case you want to visit some very german cities, you can take a FlixBus or train to go Dresden or Prague.. 😅 sending all days in Berlin will be not worth it. If u like to see Berlin techno scene and clubs, Sisyphos Nightclub will be good option . https://g.co/kgs/Z4S1WT


We’re landing in Frankfurt and taking the train as Frankfurt has the bigger airport and it gives us a chance to check out some other cities in Berlin.



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Visit castles near Munich and Füssen: